Housing Scheme Software

Housing Scheme Software :

is an automating software for the sales process to organize their entire customer accounts. Quaidsoft offers the best possible solution to Real Estate/Property Management Software in Pakistan. Quaid Soft provides Services all over Pakistan including major cities Lahore,Islamabad.
Revenue increase and decrease can be affected by this system too. Also, this system can provide statistical analysis which shows how each sales staff  does during the sales process and sales cycles. In addition,Housing Scheme Management System is one of the sales and operational CRM technologies to increase customers’ satisfaction for the sales department.
The Property  Management System is for both Housing and Commercial Projects.
Our Property Management System in  Pakistan Real Estate industry  is designed to also optimize sales management processes by improving customer service, evaluating sales activities, capturing trends, and performing an advanced statistical analysis.Housing Scheme Management Software provides comprehensive reports for managing the Real Estate agency performance and  efficiency, and enables the management for better decision-making.
Quaid soft also provides Accounting softwareBilling management systemBrand Sms Software, Inventory Management Software, Construction Management Software and Many others.
Quaid soft gives 24/7 live support help our clients to achieve their milestones without any Difficulty.Stay 24/7 connected with software through desktop.So whether you want to handle mid Real Estate operations or complex operations such as housing property operations, let our Real Estate Software automate your requirements and help you in your success mission in a managed way.

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Housing Society Software includes:

  • Block / Floor Information
  • Plot/Shop/Apartment Information
  • Plot/Shop/Apartment Type/Nature & Category
  • Plot/Shop/Apartment Status (Booked, Available/Reserve)
  • Inquiry of (Available, Booked, Token & Reserved) Plot/Shop/Apartment
  • Size Wise File Allocate to Client
  • Personal Information of Client
    • Name, Address, Contacts, (Scan Picture Attachment)
    • Property Allocation at Booking Time (If Required)
  • Booking’s Information of Client
    • Total Price, Discount, Down Payment
    • Installment & Other Payments Plan
  • Payment Plan
    • Facility of Fixed and Customized Plan
    • Discount against Installment / Payments
  • Nominee Information
    • ID Card, Name, Relationship, Address
  • Misc File Information
    • File Form No., Allotment No. Allotment Date
    • Mail / Contact Subscription / Un-Subscription
  • Allotment of Particular Plot/shop/Apartment
  • Allocation Date, Allocation Authority
  • Extra- Facility to Change the Property Information
  • Property Change History
  • OLD Block/Floor No. Plot/Shop/Apartment No
  • Plot/Shop/Apartment Status (Booked, A
  • Change Date, Change Officer
  • Cash, Cheque, Receiving Date, Receiving Amount
  • Cheque Complete Details (Drawee and Deposit Information)
  • Auto Settlement of Received Amount in Due Payments
  • Printing of Receipt/Invoice Copies 
  • Refund Settlement Making
  • Total Received, Non-Refundable, Deduction
  • Net Refund Amount, Profit Calculation on Refund
  • Refund History (Complete)
  • Seller’s Information Verification
  • Clearance of Previous Outstanding
  • Transfer Draft / Application Process
  • Buyer Information update in System
  • Printing of Transfer Documentation
    • (Allotment / Provisional Allotment Letter)
    • NOC (No Objection Certificate)
    • Undertaking Letter
    • Client update Ledger
    • Transfer History
  • Cancellation due to Non Payments for a long time
  • Cancellation Date, Cancellation Reason, Cancellation Officer
  • Activation if Client wants to resume his File / Property
  • Activation date, Activation Remarks, Activation Officer
  • Inquiry of (Available, Booked, Token & Reserved) Plot/Shop/Apartment
  • Payment Receipts Inquiry
  • Client File / Registration Complete Inquiry
  • Client Ledger / Form (Different Format)
  • Booking Reports (Date Wise)
  • Booking Report (Size Wise)
  • Clients Booking Information Details
  • Plots Booked (Size Wise)
  • Plot Available (Size Wise)
  • Plot Booked (Nature Wise, Like Residential / Commercial)
  • Plot Available (Nature Wise, Like Residential / Commercial)
  • File Wise Booked Plot Reports
  • Allocation History Report
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