Accounting Management System

Accounts Management System

consists of your Accounting manual, associated accounting policies and procedures, and accounting documents. The Accounts Management System uses standard forms and provides control and accountability over these forms. The Accounts Management System is easy to use, a complete software solution which automates and streamlines your entire financial transactions that enable you to compete in a vibrant environment. In every business having a clear, comprehensive and transparent record keeping system is essential, and Accounting is the most basic framework of any business. The Accounts Management System provides an organization, great financial intelligibility thus empowering company-wide financial control through improved financial management and forecasting. It offers efficient solutions to maintain complete Financial Control from creating and managing transactions to consolidating and reporting results. AS Accounting system is a fully integrated financial solution that ensures access to accurate financial information for the effective monitoring and proper management of financial activities. All transactions recorded or posted into the Accounts Management System should be properly authorized and accurately represent the activity being documented. Both the timing and amount of the transaction should be in accordance with company accounting policies.

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Key Functionalities of Accounts Management System are :-

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